Hey guys! Today, the kindergarten-3 grade students at my school performed a play called Lemonade. It was about fairy tale creatures and characters feeling sad because everything was going wrong. They were really happy when Mother Goose came and gave them lemonade to make them feel better. They sang lots of songs, and it taught people to make the best out of every situation. This show was really cute, and it was really cool to see young kids like that get up and perform in front of the whole school!

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Fall Break!

Hey guys! Tomorrow is the first day of Fall Break! We only have 2 days, but including the weekend, that’s 4 days. We are spending the four days in Breckinridge. Tomorrow, I am going to an escape room with a couple of friends of mine, my mom and my sister. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow after we finish!

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Power Outage

Hey guys! Today, we had a power outage at school that led to school being cancelled! The power shut off at about 10 am, and school got let out at about 11. The teachers made us wait in the auditorium until our parents came to get us. We had an early dismissal, and I went to the mall with my friend!

What was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?

Cool Quote

Hey guys! I saw a cool quote online that made me think of the reason these two girls started Offline October. As you know, I am doing Offline October as a chance to take a break from social meadow and all of the negative things that happen on these types of apps. This quote makes me want to do at least one random act of kindness each day. I hope you enjoy today’s post!

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Football Season!

Hey guys! As a lot of you already know, football season started a few months ago. I am very excited to watch my favorite teams play. My favorite team is the New England Patriots. They are currently 2 and 2, and I am hoping they will win their next game.

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~Me at the pre season patriots game in august~

Offline October

Happy October everyone! Today is October first, and that means that today is the first day of Offline October. Offline October was creates by two girls at Heritage High School. The goal of Offline October is to get off of our phones and social media and really stop and appreciate the world around us. My mom and I both deleted our social media’s and now are going social media free for all of October. I will put the Offline October website down below so you can pledge to go offline if you want to. Also, on the website, there is a bucket list of things to do during the month of October with our phones. Hope you enjoyed!!


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