Patriots Game!

Hey guys! I am currently sitting at the CBS Scene in Gillette Stadium. I am so excited for the game! It starts at 7:30 EST so I have a little while before the game. Here are some of the pictures that I have taken! I promise to post more tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy!!

Summer Vacation!

Hey guys! I am so sorry for being inactive this summer. I have had so much fun this summer and I am so excited to share these experiences with you guys!

This summer has been one of the best summers ever! I started the summer off with a surprise trip to the beautiful state of Hawaii. We spent a week in Kauai on both sides of the island. We went on a catamaran, went to the beach, and hung out at the pool. We even went on a helicopter tour of the island! That trip was definitely one I will remember forever!

I also started the summer off in swim team. I am on the Homestead Hurricanes, and I had so much fun with all of my neighborhood friends. My favorite part of swim team was when I got third place overall in my 100 back in one of my meets.

My family spend quite a few weekends in Breckinridge, sharing the house with family and friends. I went on hikes, played with my friends, and just hung out with my mom and dad.


I finished off the summer in Rhode Island. When I am here, I love to swim, go to town, and out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We also go on “mini-trips” throughout the month that we are back east. We go to Mystic, CT, and go to the shops and resturants there. We go to Fairfield, CT, and spend a night with our friends. We are even going to Boston, MA, to go to a Patriots pre-season game!



Some of my highlights: Meeting Jack Johnson, all of swim team, getting surprised to go to Hawaii, getting a giant inflatable swan, going to a PATS game!!!!!!

Once again, I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I will get back into a more regular schedule once I get back to Denver and start school. Comment what you did this summer!