Dance Class

Hey guys! In dance class we are choreographing our own dances to the song Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. We are in groups of three and have to choreograph a certain number of 8 counts to get a full grade. This is really fun because we can work with our friends to make up a great dance for everyone to enjoy. The quote below is one of my dance teachers favorite quotes. You should always work hard on something so your love will show. Enjoy! 😊😊

NJHS Induction

Hey guys! Today was the National Elementary Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony. My sister was inducted to NEHS, while I was inducted to NJHS. I am very happy to be in this society along with many of my friends. Here are some pictures below!


Hey guys! Just recently my cousins came to Colorado from Miami. They learned how to snowboard up in Breckenridge, and my cousin Alexa came down to Denver for a few days just to see my dance performance. I was very excited to have them come because I only get to see them once a year. This was very special and I hope that they come again soon!

My dog!

Hey guys! Since today is national Pet day, I wanted to do an “appreciation” post about my pet. Most of you know my dog. Her name is Brooklyn and she is two years old. We found out that we were getting her on Christmas Day, and that was the one of the best days of my life. This dog has been a “therapy dog” for my whole family, always bringing us a smile whenever we felt sad. She is my everything. She has always been happy and joyful. Comment what kind of pet you have!🐢🐢