Hey guys! I have a fun website to recommend to you. My friend told me about this website and I love it! The website is called National Day Calender, and it will tell you the lesser known “holiday” of the day. The website is below. Comment what your birthday’s national day is!

Book review!

Hey guys! I have a book review! I have been reading a book series called The Selection. This book is one of my favorites. It is like The Bachelor, but with royalty. A girl named America gets chosen to compete to be the princes wife. It is a series of 4 books, the titles being The Selection, The Elite, The One, and The Prince and The Guard-The Selection Stories. Here is a picture of the first book. Comment if you have or are going to read it. Enjoy!😊😊

Spring Break!

Hey guys! Spring break is almost here, so I wanted to share what I am doing! I am going up to Breckinridge to spend time with my Uncle David. I only get to see him during the summer, so this will be really fun. I also taking snowboarding lessons with my mom and sister. Comment below what you are doing for spring break!


Hey guys! I have been in Senior Dance Troupe at school. This is an after school dance class for grades 5-8. I am having so much fun dancing with my friends. We are going g to perform out dance three different times. I am really excited for our performances!


Hey guys! Just this past week i got braces. I got top braces only, but the bottom ones will be coming in about 6 months. I am really excited, because this is thes only time i will have to get braces, and they will only be in for 2  1/2 years!IMG_4307

Science Olympiad

Hey guys! Today I went to Fort Collins for a Science Olympiad competition. I was in three events, Optics, Mission Possible, and Write it Do it. In Mission Possible, you had to build a Rube Goldberg Machine so in the end it would raise a flag. My partner and I  scored tenth out of 46 teams. Congrats to all the other contestants!!❤️❤️