Book Reveiw

Hey guys! I just finished reading a very good book called The Giver. It is about a boy who lives in a village way past our time. The people of the village see no color. Only grey, white, and black. Each family unit has two parents, and two kids, one boy and one girl. At the final Ceremony of becoming a Twelve,  Jacob receives a strange job. He goes to work with The Giver, and finally realizes that he might be the one to have to save someone who he loves. This book is very good. I would reccomend this to kids 1o and up.  image


Crazy Shoes!

Hey guys! Yesterday I said that I would show you my early birthday present. Well, here it is!

My favorite football team is the Patriots, so these were perfect. Thank you, Grammy!

Birthday Week!

Hey guys! On Thursday, November 17, 2016, I will be turning twelve. I am very excited because I can do many fun things when I turn twelve, like babysit and sit in the Front seat.  Today I got an early birthday present. I will post pictures of it tomorrow. (Thanks Grammy!)Have a good  Sunday night!



Science Class

Hey guys! Today in science I learned that F=MA is another way of saying that FORCE=MASS x ACCELERATION. We also made mini posters that said “May the F=MA be with you!” Mine had two light sabers on it! Even though school is not always fun, it is not always boring! Have a good night!img_3782

Sleepover Saturday!

Hey guys! Last night I had a sleepover with my good friend Abby. I babysat my little sister with her from 7:00 to 10:00. Then we went to bed. We stayed up talking! Then we went to bed. Then, since last night was Daylight Savings, we woke up at 6:30! I had a lot of fun.  See you tomorrow! 😝