Day 2/Day 3

Hey guys. Today I’m going to tell you about day 2 and 3 together. So on day 2, I went tubing. It was really fun. Then, for lunch I had a hamburger and went tubing some more. Then, finally, after that, we went shopping. We got chocolate and went to the library. I got three books,  Liar and Spy, by Rebecca Stead, The Terrible Two, by Mac Barnett and Jory John, and Bridget Wilder, Spy in Training,  by Jonathan Bernstien. So far, Liar and Spy has been my favorite. Comment if you have read any of these books.  On day 3, we went, TUBING! This time though, both my sister and I got knocked out of the tube. I will include some pictures below of us tubing on Day 2. Day 3 was pretty much a replica of day 2. Here are some pics! Enjoy!

For Fun!: Comment your favorite place to be in the summer, whether it be your house or a different state.