Hey guys! Today I am going to do a fortune post. Close your eyes, and choose a number from inbetween 1-11. Open your eyes after choosing one, and scroll down to find the number that you picked. Tell me in the comments what you got.

  1. Your best friend is a duck.
  2. An anvil will fall on your head
  3. The last sandwich you ate was poisoned
  4. Your first job will be working at Home Depot
  5. You will become an acrobat
  6. You aren’t actually human
  7. You will join the illuminati
  8. You will like TrueMoo and join the company
  9. You will get lost on a desert island
  10. You will become president of the United States
  11. An evil villain will eat you

I would like to thank JemmaT for supplying me with these wonderful fortunes. See you tomorrow!



Hey guys! I am so sorry for the long wait for posts. I have been really busy with Shrek. My part was a knight and a Guard. I had a beard! My friend Kate was a pig, and my other friend Abby was a rat, and a Dulock performer. That little girl in that picture was my sister Kate’s friend Riley. She was Lord Faarquads mom, and a part of the fairytale/woodland creature ensemble. I think my favorite character was princess Fiona aka Claire. She has a really good voice. All in all, the play was fun, and I am excited to do the next play… But that’s for another post. Here are some pics for the play!!!