Moab, Part III

Hi guys! Today is my last Moab post, Moab Part III. The next morning, we had breakfast duty. For that, I cut up apples and oranges. Then we had breakfast. For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs and bacon, with fruit on the side. After breakfast, we hiked up the trail to Carona Arch and Bow Tie Arch. My friend Erin climbed onto a little ledge on Carona, and sat there for about 15-30 minutes! Our guide had brought a Native American flute, and while we sat on the rock, he played it for us. It was so cool! After that, we went back to the campsite and took down our tents, put our sleeping bags away, and packed to go home. We loaded everything onto the bus, and started to make sandwiches for lunch. After lunch, we got onto the bus and drove to Arches National Park again. We drove up the mountian to a little area that was a hiking trail. We didn’t hike for that long! It was a pretty short hike. We hiked for about 30 minutes, and when we finished, the bus was waiting for us. We got on the bus for 10 more minutes and then we stopped to say goodbye to our guides, and to go to the bathroom before our long ride home. Bye guys!! See you tomorrow.


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