Moab, Part II

Hey, guys! Today I will tell you about day two in Moab. My tent woke up at 6:30. We got on out jackets, and then we went out of the tent and went over to the picnic tables, so we could get a good spot at breakfast. That day we had to make a sandwich for after rafting, so we did that before breakfast. For breakfast I ate a bowl of cereal with bananas. Then, at about 8, we all got on the bus, and drove into town, to the rafting site. There we got fitted with life jackets, and got on another bus that took us to the river. At the river, we got put in our raft groups. I was in a group with Sammie, Alessa, Kate, Roman, Rhyan, and Titan. Our guide was Crystal. Our first rapid was Onion. Then came Professor, then New, and finally, Rocky. After that, we went to the rec center. We played outside for a while, and then we went in to go swimming. There were two diving boards, a high one and a low one. I was too scared to go on the high one! There was also a giant slide. It was a closed one, so I wasn’t as scared. I played basket ball with the boys and some girls, but then I quit, because the boys weren’t being fair. My friends and I went to go play Catagories instead. I was the worst at coming up with things to go in with the category about Favorite Food! After swimming, we showered, and went back to the campsite. The rest is pretty much the same as yesterday’s post, with out the bus drive. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as yesterday. More about Moab tomorrow. Bye!


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