Moab Part I

Hey guys! I am so sorry about the wait in a new post. I bet many of you think it is boring to have to wait days on end for a post. Any way, my class just went on a three day trip to Moab, Utah. Today will just be the first day, tomorrow will be the second day, and Wednesday will be the third day. So, without furthur adue, Moab, Part I. We drove to Moab, so we were on a bus for 7 hours! On the way there, I sat next to my friend Kate. (You can check out her blog below.) When we finally got there, we found out our tent groups and then we set up our tent. I was in a tent group with Kate, Samantha, and Alessa. We then ate dinner. We had spagetti wit’s a zucchini sauce.  Then we went on a hike at Arches National Park. The famous arch we hiked to was called Delicate Arch. After that, we went back to the campsite and had S’mores. Then we all went to our tents for 5 minutes to change and all that, and then we told “scary stories” around the campfire. That’s it for today. I will just have the rest of it tomorrow.


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